SuperVision has reached the 20 -year milestone as a DJ. His path began by exposure to the Dallas rave scene in the late ’90s where he found his initial influences that led to his pursuit of making music and Djing. By 2001 he was a working DJ playing a variety of formats such as hip hop, pop-top 40, ‘70s, ‘80s, as well as others. To this day, he still loves playing these types of events. In the early 2000’s he maintained residences in premier night clubs in his hometown of Dallas, TX. In 2006 he went to audio engineering school to further develop his production and engineering. 2011 was the year he relocated to Colorado for his second time where he released his debut album titled ‘Telescopic’, and launched his new moniker as SuperVision. This was the catalyst for his touring career. In 2013 he followed up with his 6 song Ep titled ‘Telekinetic’ and continued touring. 2015-2018 was a hiatus for SuperVision as he was working on other projects. In 2019, he returned to his home town to Dallas, began publishing new music, and jumped back in the club and event circuit.